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Position, Message and Activities

Trying to sell to everyone and anyone and not getting anywhere? We understand it’s important to market your business, attract customers and sell products or services in order to succeed, but finding your niche is another matter. Trying to be all things to all people is simply not feasible.

How do you find your niche? Understanding your ideal clients or customers is vital; knowing who they are, what they need, and how you can help them will help to shape the framework for your marketing strategy and activities.

Once you have identified your top three most important customer personas, you can develop an effective marketing program to communicate with them directly using sustainable strategies and tools.

Backtobasics Communication Services - Tourism

We’ve all heard location is everything in real estate. In the same vein, positioning is everything in business. Positioning your business will communicate who you are; what you stand for; and more importantly what benefits you can deliver for your customers. Developing clear messaging will help engage your customers. Using effective marketing tools will increase your return on investment both in time and money.

Adriana Summers, Director of Backtobasics Communication Services will help you define your position and develop clear communication messages. Once you make a commitment to these messages, you can begin to develop the tools you need to motivate your niche to engage with your services or products.

Backtobasics Communication Services - University Colleges Australia

Client Case Study - University Colleges Australia

Marketing Branding Campaign involving core messages, updated logo and positioning statement and new website

"Adriana is patient and professional and completed the project to a very high standard. She is creative in thinking and was able to guide us in making sound and realistic decisions for the future of the association."