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After many years working both in government and the private sector, I observed that many business owners are so focused on working in their business that they forget to work on their business. While business owners are often the experts, sometimes they don’t have the time or distance to step back to ask themselves the most basic questions; “What’s in it for my clients?” “What’s my point of difference?” or “What problem am I solving?”

With a wealth of experience and industry insights to draw upon, I felt it was time to start my own venture. In 2013, I began Backtobasics Communication Services in the pursuit of offering a personalised, value-adding service that helps clients achieve clarity in their marketing. I work with business owners and their staff to help them refine and communicate their purpose, service benefits and the solutions they can offer clients. 

The difference between Backtobasics and other specialists is that I use detailed analysis to provide a fresh perspective, equipping you with insights on how to better communicate your value to your audience. Specifically I will develop core strategies and sustainable solutions that will attract the right people and help grow your business. Most importantly, I develop a deep understanding of your business so I can accurately embody your brand’s voice and create valuable messaging through your marketing channels that will engage, retain and grow your client base.

As a boutique business owner, I understand the frustrations of having to wear many hats, especially when budget is an issue. However, I have learnt to focus on what I’m good at and source the right team members to help me achieve the level of professionalism my business needs. Over the years I’ve partnered with web developers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers to collaborate on a cohesive approach to my client’s marketing.

Marketing communications requires a great deal of thought and strategy to get right. Spending money on marketing programs that won’t deliver results is the quickest (and often most expensive) way to ruin your business. Mismanaging your online reputation can quickly send your business into a downward spiral. Don’t become a statistic. Seek expert, professional help to build and grow your business.

Partner with Adriana Summers and the Backtobasics Communication Services team, and together we’ll help your business reach the next level.


Backtobasics Communication - Adriana Summers

Adriana Summers

Business Owner

Backtobasics Communication Services - Jordan Kadell

Jordan Kadell

Marketing Communication Specialist


  • Sustainable growth
  • Attract profitable clients
  • Connect with brand advocates 
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Positioning in niche markets
  • Credibility through professional, tailored and well-written marketing communication tools